The AngelOgraphy Family
We believe that every woman is uniquely beautiful and want to create an environment where you feel Pampered, Safe, Beautiful and Free to Express and Explore yourself the way you want too, whilst having fun at the same time.  Kym will make you feel right at home from the moment you walk through our doors. Kym will support you through the whole session, coaching you through poses and expressions. You will have such a blast during your private session you'll be coming back for more.

Our Mission Statement

AngelOgraphy photography and graphic design is a Boutique portrait studio that helps women of any age and body type see themselves confidently as a beautiful and strong person free to explore and express themselves now in this very moment without restraints or judgement. Our studio is a stress free and fun environment where you have the freedom to be yourself or express yourself the way you want too.

About Kym

In My world everything has beauty and everyone has a story to tell.

I want to celebrate YOU and help you express yourself the way you want too.

I am passionate about helping women to “see” and “feel” how beautiful they truly are .. everyday, even in the PJ’s and bed hair.     Sometimes you need to be awakened to how beautiful you are by seeing yourselves in the way everyone else does and not as a reflection of yourself which you imagine yourself to be, and made to feel special and learning to love the person you truly are … that’s why I love to do what I do.

My heart is fulfilled to watch you shine from the inside out as you blossom in front of my camera and take away not only stunning photographs that you will cherish forever, but to also take away that strength & confidence knowing that you are beautiful EVERYDAY!!   This experience may change how you see yourself forever.



Kym James
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7 Chad Court
Red Cliffs, Victoria 3496

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