Kym is constantly building his folio, and looking for aspiring  models  help out.


You have to meet the requirements detailed below;

- You must be 18-55 yrs old (Proof required)

- You must sign a model release form.

- you must be willing to do boudoir as a minimum requirement.

- you must attend an interview with Kym prior to shooting.


If successful in the opportunity Kym will do your hair and makeup and conduct the photoshoot free of charge to you. You will have the option to purchase any murchandise prints albums at a heavely discounted rate.

If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Kym Directly and attach a  resent photograph of yourself via email at or 0408 260 969 



kym james
0408 260 969

7 Chad Court
Red Cliffs, Victoria 3496

Contact us via email
or phone 0408 260 969