We hope that the few tips below will help you to get prepared for your photo shoot and get great images and a lot of fun!

Step One – Go shopping!

Buy yourself some nice lingerie. Not just for the photo shoot. A photo shoot is great excuse to get a few nice things that you’ve always wanted. Even if you already have lots of it. Get something really sexy, something that you do not wear every day (yet!).

Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure.

Hands and feet are very sexy parts of a woman’s body and they deserve to look fantastic in the photos.

Do not sun-bake or apply fake tan.

Fresh fake tan looks horrible in photos. Your skin is beautiful the way it is and little imperfections will be fixed in post-processing.
Sun tan may be damaging for your skin and also may make your skin appear red. Tan lines do not look great ether.

Think about your make-up.

We encourage our models to do their make up themselves and we’ll do the final touch-up in the studio. The make-up for boudoir photography should be a bit more dramatic than your normal day-to-day make-up.
We strongly recommend wearing fake eyelashes. We can put them on in the studio when you arrive. They are quite inexpensive, so please buy 2 or 3 different styles!
Please let us know if you want a professional make-up artist to do your make-up before your photo session. We can organize one for you for an extra fee.

Forget about your body insecurities. You are beautiful!

Most women are much more beautiful than they think. There is plenty of sensuality and beauty in every woman and it is our goal to show it on the images. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to pose before the cameras. It is actually very easy! We’ll show you. We work with first-time models all the time.

Get some inspiration and ideas.

Browse the internet for the pictures you’d like to do. Simply type in “Boudoir Photography” in Google search and click “Images”. Also try Pinterest and YouTube. You can print some pictures and bring them over for your photo session or you could email them to us and we can discuss them before the photo shoot.

Wear something loose on your way to the studio.

Jeans and tight underwear may leave marks and lines on your skin that are hard to remove in post-processing. Wear something loose and soft.

Try not to be late for the photo shoot.

Arriving earlier will let you get relaxed, talk to your photographer, and discuss some ideas. Keep in mind that the more time you have for your photo shoot – the better pictures you’ll have.

Plan your day like if you were to stay for the photo shoot a bit longer.

If you have a tight schedule on your photo shoot day, the tension will be written in capital letters on your forehead. Trust us, you don’t want this!

Make your photo shoot day like a vacation. Relax and enjoy the wonderful experience of being a glamorous super-model .
Also, we usually allow some extra time for the boudoir photo shoots. Sometimes our models get into the photo shoot dynamic so much that we can’t stop them…. and we don’t! The pictures we take in the last few minutes of the photo shoot are often the best ones!

Take it easy on the liquor before the photo session.

It is normal to feel nervous before your first boudoir photo session. In fact, that nervousness and excitement is a great asset for creating vibrant, emotional and sensual images.
Our photo sessions do include some good champagne, chocolate and light snacks, enough to keep you comfortable and relaxed.

Our most important advice – have fun!

.. and remember, you do it for yourself.