About Kym

Kym Graduated from La Trobe University with a degree in Graphic Design in 2007 whilst studying Kym developed an interest and love for fine arts which found him taking his passion for photography to new levels in 2008 as he indulged his passion with an honours year with a focus on photography.


  • Memories? 2008

A personal reflection of the pain and emotional roller-coaster dealing with the affects of miscarriage on his relationship with his wife.

  • Juicy Fruit 2009

A group exhibition in which Kym produced a series of 5 works depicting fertility and the affects of environmental change on the Rural fruit industry in Australia.

  • Playing Footsie 2011

A playful examination into the idea of foot fetish. Through the use of black and white photography.

  • Head Space 2014

An abstract depiction of emotions through digital manipulation of the self image.

  • Colour me in 2016

An abstract depiction of the female form, through paint and extraction.